What do Mennonites spread on their bread?

No culture can stay hermetically sealed from outside influences. Who hasn’t seen some exotic child running around on TV wearing a western style cotton tee?

One area the Mennonites have been influenced is in our cuisine. For example, we have picked up the borscht from Eastern Europe / Russia and Empanadas from Latin America.

What do Mennonites spread on their bread?

Imagine slice all that bread up into slices and
spread Mayo! YUMMMMMM!

The most interesting foreign food use though has to be mayonnaise. We love it on a slice of bread with our meals. I didn’t realize this was considered weird until I moved in with a roommate during my college years. I had cooked up a delicious pasta meal and figured, I know just the perfect thing to eat as a side: a slice of mayo bread! The roomie looked at me weird and started laughing. “What the hell are you doing? That’s not butter you know.”

It’s not like we are discretionary about what we’ll have it with either. We consume it with any meal, heck, we’ll even have it with a sweet Cinnabon.

I have since slowly phased it out but I was often mocked for my mayo on bread during my school years. It was nice to hear from my old roommate that after we parted ways he had wanted to see what I was on about. Let’s just say their is a new honorary Mennonite chef out their enjoying one of our little secrets.

Does anyone else see this as strange or are we not unique in our mayo consumption?

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7 Responses to What do Mennonites spread on their bread?

  1. I will have you know that I INVENTED mayo on bread….mmm mmm good!

  2. I think that is just your true Mennonite side talking.

    It has become so ingrained in our lifestyle that we all feel like we own a little piece of the mayo on bread!

  3. Let me just tell you that veganease (vegan mayo) does not cut the crust on this one. It is a complete and utter fail! Long live real mayo.

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  5. mayo bread is king at my house…has to be full fat non vegan and on zwiebach or on homemade bread…delicious!

  6. All of this information on your whole entire blog, is sooooooooo incredibly interesting!!

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