The Art of Cool in a Mennonite School

Social status is a big deal at any school. It lets you understand where you belong on the ladder and a Mennonite school is no exception. The dress is fairly regulated in that all mothers use pretty much the same pattern to sew a child’s clothes leaving them a very minor aspect of status. Rules are also very strict and obeyed at all times eliminating rebellious behaviour as cool.

Therefore, to be a cool Mennonite, a student must be defiant in the small and trivial things.

For example, take a look at exhibit A:

The Art of Cool in a Mennonite School

Exhibit A

In true practical style, a Mennonite school lavatory has one outhouse and a wall to urinate on (Yes it smells rancid). Naturally one would pee against the bricks but a few of the taller and intrepid gentlemen at school began to pee over top. That instantly become the ultimate challenge and cemented the status of any gentleman who could accomplish the feat.

The girls lavatory had a similar setup as the boys and one of the more fearless ladies began using the sole outhouse regularly. As the other girls picked on this habit, she was vaulted straight to cool and all the girls would line up for the outhouse rather than using the wall.

There are many other examples of being the hip Menno kid but it always favoured those who could defy the simple rules while avoiding the attention of the teacher.

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  1. Very funny. I had completely forgotten about the peeing wall. I don’t remember how the hierarchy was established in # 9.

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