production planning

Every good Mennonite worth their salt works hard, keeps their costs as low as possible and makes sure there is always bread on the table for their family. Those are the necessities of maintaining a decent life in the community.

Considering those traits and Mennonites abilities to making their skills transferable, they’d be a perfect candidate to be a production planning guru!

What the hell is production planning? These days, its advanced software that does what Mennonites already do great. It starts with making sure you have all the resources to produce whatever you company makes. So the software tracks how much raw materials you have and how much you’ll need to make your desired amount of widgets.

Then once you’ve made your widget, you need to sell it but you don’t want a shit load sitting around. So using some fancy algorithms, it averages out how much product is moving out of each store and then in return spits out an estimate of how much your company should ship to that store.

It will sometimes even give you a schedule of how often you should restock, what, when, where, etc….

So basically, it does all the boring stuff while you get to come up with new ideas of wicked widgets to make.

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