Mennonite girls, lets see a bit of leg. Oh wait, NO!

Mennonite girls, lets see a bit of leg. Oh wait, NO!When speaking to male individuals my age, once the typical questions regarding the electricity and buggies have been answered, the next question tends to take a very different turn. The true self comes out and the gentleman will say something to the effect of “There must be a lot of untapped potential in the community eh? You know … the girls … I am sure if you put them in modern clothes, there would be some super hot ones … right?”


The problem is that it would take considerably more than just wrapping some fresh cloth around her to get her up to your standards sir.

The biggest ove rsite is the fact that Mennonite girls do not shave. Anywhere! Follicle maintenance is just not a part of a Mennonite woman’s beauty repertoire. But their repertoire list isn’t that long to begin with. I digress.

What is the reasoning behind it though? The simple answer would seem to be “Because the good Lord intended it to be so.” If he didn’t want his woman hairy, he wouldn’t have put hair all over her body. Although this may be true for the odd modern and enlightened hippie Mennonite woman, the truth is they are just downright ignorant to the practise. Having spoken to a female individual who could be considered a part of the older generation, they had never heard of the idea. Shave … Why?

As for the latest generation, the same still rings true. Although with the effects of globalization the Mennonite girls are becoming more aware of the outside world, very few have heard of the practise and those that do, see it as too “fancy.”

So fellas, next time you dream of catching an untainted Mennonite girl who is unaware of her beauty, just beware that you will have to put in a lot of work to get her up to your standards. Much like buying a cheap house to flip, you’re going to be putting in more hours than you ever fathomed.

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13 Responses to Mennonite girls, lets see a bit of leg. Oh wait, NO!

  1. I believe that you just called the Mennonite girl cheap.

    • Having re-read this blog post, I realized it was very harsh against the fairer sex. You’re not the first to complain. Mind you, it was meant to be more of a satirical post than a negative one.

      I am however currently righting my wrongs and am writing a post regarding the male portion of the Mennonite folks. Spoiler alert, it’s not looking so good for the boys.

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  3. i attended a mennonite church in seymour missouri, and i can say that they DID shave their legs and such.

  4. Well being a non Mennonite and coming from a world of feminism and women acting like men, even some Christian ones, its a breath of fresh air to read that are more modest and gentle spirited women are still around.

  5. I’d love to feel their legs. want could happen if you asked too

  6. This is the most uninformed disgusting article ever written. Mennonites and Amish women both are very aware of their appearance and do NOT let hair grow out of control. O and by the way, hair is a lot easier to get rid of than STDs that a lot of other women have.

  7. How does an outsider to the Mennonite faith meet one of these Mennonite ladies? Most of the Amish and Mennonites I’ve ever known don’t associate with outsiders a whole a lot and keep pretty much to themselves and their kind most of the time.

  8. Oh dear….you non-mennonites have so many misconceptions… While lots of mennonite women do not shave their legs…There are also many who do. Personally I’d rather have my legs chopped off than to not be allowed to shave them. ~from a 17 year old menno

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