Does the Easter Bunny hop through Mennonite villages?

No, not really but Mennonites do celebrate Easter.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as unique or exciting as Christmas, but it does have a few points of interest.


A Mennonite Easter begins by the children searching for their bag of treats outside. A brown paper bag is filled with various goodies and possibly a bottle of coke and hidden in the garden, barn, or yard. The whole idea here is you’re going out to search for your treats much like Mary Magdalene went to search for big J after 3 days in the tomb. It’s a bit of stretch but hey, why can’t Jesus be in chocolate form in these modern times?

All the children and youth will usually wake up together, around normal milking time, and run around the yard looking for their bags. After everyone has found their baggie, the chores are taken care of and it’s off to church. A good dose of sermon is consumed and the family heads to the grandparents place. Here the usual family gathering fare takes place: dinner, conversation and the likes.


During this gathering at one point in the afternoon, the children will have to line up in front of the parents and recite their bible verses or gospel hymns memorized during the previous month at school. The kids are rewarded with more treats to add to their stash at home. The day ends and it’s back to the daily routine.

The days after

At this point, the challenge becomes how long can you make your treats last because it’ll be months before christmas rolls around with your next batch of treats.
Does the Easter Bunny hop through Mennonite villages?

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  1. Man this brings back memories. Great site :)

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