Do Mennonites drink alcohol?

Do Mennonites drink alcohol?


I recently dug through an old family album and found this gem neatly tucked away. It wasn’t so much that I found this photo to augment the post but rather the other way around. I shall progress to explain the surrounding topic.

This photo doesn’t seem in accordance with the traditional picture I paint of the Mennonites, right? There are too many things wrong with it. I.E …

  • Don’t Mennonites think drinking alcohol is evil?
  • Wait … it was taken in the 70′s. Cameras where still special and materialistic back then right?

Yes and Yes

But no matter the culture, youth will always be rebels.

Mennonites might be outside the modern western realm but they still see what is going on. Hence, they desire those things.

The way that this photo came to be is all the youth usually socialize at the end of the main road of the village. Here they can gather without the watchful eyes of the community. This most often happens on Sundays as it is the only time they aren’t working. Then, a few budding native entrepreneurs from outside of the community will load some beer and liquor on the back of a bicycle and pedal their way into the village to sell.

As for the cameras … well … the privileged few who can acquire such goods make damn sure to hide them from the parents, just like the alcohol.

Mennonites, alcohol, and photography … Yes, sometimes they mix.

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  1. Yes, I created the Mennonite Society for Single Malt in Denver, CO

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