A home grown Mennonite myth

According to the Bible, Adam and Eve were tempted by a snake in the Garden of Eden. Due to their fore fathers action, snakes have been deemed the embodiment of evil; even Lucifer himself. As a result of its terrible fate, the slithering reptile is usually killed on sight when encountered by a Mennonite.

The removal and clean up procedure for the serpent is wherein our Menno myth lies. For some unexplainable reason it is believed that through its wicked ways, it is the one living thing that can return from the dead. One should never bury the head too close to the body or else the serpent has the capability of reattaching its severed self and come to life.

I will not go into the logistics of how the snake would go about resurrecting itself nor the creativity required to worm out of it’s grave but I have put together a lovely graphic of proper Mennonite snake burial options.

A home grown Mennonite myth

It is worth noting that most adult Mennonites don’t believe this but use it as a great way to instill fear in the younger folks of the Menno Community.

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